told my dad I was going to sleep cause I couldn’t be tucked with his drunk pish anymore so he decided to play music at full blast at 2 in the fucking morning. 


She looked perfectly into the camera.

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had a really nice wee day with the boy, went for drinks and then a long walk round kelvingrove park in the sun and it was just lovely

i hate sleeping without a big spoon


I know I’m not a conventional beauty. You can read a lot of painful things on the Internet, which criticise you aesthetically - but as far as I’m concerned, that’s not what an actress is.

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feeling lonely is the worst feeling ever

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I’m sick of like 97% of males on the tumblr who use feminism as a social platform and talk about how we aren’t sex objects but sit around and reblog asses all day and try to pass off asking for butt pix as charming. You’re a huge issue and I think you’re disgusting and you truly need to grow up and get a fucking grip.

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"Am I too sensitive or do I have the right to actually to be upset?" A musical.

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